KUC Blog: Exploring Grief Group

Sarah GreeneExploring Grief Group

by: Sarah C. Greene MS, NCEP, MA, LCPC
Samaritan Counseling Center


Everyone experiences grief in a different way. Grief affects our very core. It changes the way we think, feel, function, and interact. Feelings of anger, despair, and extreme sadness are all normal when grieving the loss of a loved one. Sometimes our reactions are so intense or irrational that we may fear we may be going crazy. Grieving people are often afraid to confront their grief. Other people just don’t know what to expect and may feel lost.

Grieving is not forgetting. Nor is it drowning in tears. Healthy grieving results in an ability to remember the importance of our loss with a newfound sense of peace, rather than searing pain. No matter how intense our experiences of grief may feel, they are temporary. There is life after grief if we acknowledge and work through our reactions, rather than trying to stop them. Allowing others to help us in our grieving helps us stay balanced.

The Exploring Grief Group can help those who are grieving achieve and maintain balance. We will explore different types of loss and how spirituality plays a role in our grieving process. Based on the needs I see in our first meeting on September 15, I will tailor specific goals for our meetings. In October, we will also have a special guest, Reverend Joellen Hosler, a fellow Samaritan Counselor to help guide us through grief with spirituality.

I look forward to seeing you at our first group meeting on Monday, September 15 from 7–9 p.m. in the Kenilworth Union Church library. During this seven-week program, we will support each other in our grief and share resources that will help us take better care of themselves. We will continue to meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays in October, November and December. If you have questions or concerns, please text or call me at 847-886-9146 or email Sarah Greene .