KUC Blog: Grief

“Tears the most eloquent testimony of love.”  However accurate Jean Jacques Rousse’s insight may be about the tears shed for grief, they call us to acknowledge the underlying pain and bitterness from which they spring.

Be gentle with yourself and others when Christmas celebrations arouse both treasured memories and are at the same time painful reminders of your loved one who is now absent.  It could be the long nights in December and January, the biting cold, the focus on holiday joy, or some combination of all that can leave us feeling isolated or helpless, and compel us to wear the “I am fine” face or pretend we are “over” the grief.

Please keep in mind:
—You have a pastoral staff that cares deeply and will respond
—Twice a month, Exploring Grief meets as a safe place to learn about grief, share with others and be held with gentleness
—Kenilworth Union’s Stephen Ministry program may provide compassionate one-on-one, ongoing care
—Worship and prayer are intimate encounters with God.  As a congregation, we are with you in both faith practices.   Prayer Circle