Calling All Men!

By Jo Forrest

As the early church grew by proclaiming the good news, it quickly recognized the need to care for members as Jesus taught by offering meals and comfort in times of illness and death. To care for others and to do so well, the church called seven men. Men were the first in faith history scripture to care for others.

Care Guild is in need of members to serve and now is your chance to reclaim a role of service. Some of you are good cooks—chefs even. If you cannot cook, some of you know how to drive and can deliver a prepared meal. Some of you are as gifted as the evangelist Luke in in writing and could pen notes on behalf or Kenilworth Union to those who are sick or who have lost loved one.

Many of you have tasted the meals, delivered when you or your spouse were ill. Not only are the meals comfort food, it is comforting to receive such meals when otherwise it would be a challenge or one more task at a time when crisis or illness has upset everything.

We have several men who are part of Care Connections, visiting those who are no longer able to attend worship yet receive life as being a part of this congregation.

There is a place in Care Guild for you to serve and this church needs you (women too).

Contact Kathy McCabe to sign up for service.