My Stephen Minister Is Truly a Gift

stephen-ministryDear friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

Whether you learned it in Sunday School or in preschool, the words to The Magic Penny song really are true…

”Love is something if you give it away,
give it away, give it away
love is something if you give it away,
you end up having more…”

As a Stephen Leader, I can testify that those Magic Penny words are even truer when you give your love away to someone in pain.

About every two years, we invite Kenilworth Union members to consider becoming a Stephen Minister, the group of lay ministers within our church specially trained to care for our congregants experiencing grief, illness, divorce, unemployment, infertility, and many other life difficulties. Currently more than 25 men and women meet one-on-one with their care receivers usually weekly to offer love, care, prayer, and a listening ear. And we could use MORE wonderful folks like the ones we already have. This fall, we plan to begin a training class for new Stephen Ministers, and I invite you to consider whether you might be called to serve in this capacity.

Applications are available here. If you fill one out, please email it back to Jo Forrest or drop it by her office. The Stephen Leaders and Jo would like to meet with you this spring to get to know your caring interests and to share our thoughts about the program.

And if you, yourself, or someone you love could use a caring friend to walk alongside during a particularly difficult period in your personal, professional, or spiritual life, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Jo Forrest, Marion Hanold, Kris Fishman or Margaret Ann Fowler directly.

With gratitude,
Marion Hanold
Stephen Minister Leader