They Belong to God

KatieDear Friends:

Adult-ing: the process of becoming an adult.  The work of adult-ing is long and difficult; learning how to take care of yourself, leaving home, figuring out what you are passionate about, finding a way to support yourself.  None of this happens alone, it happens with the support of family, close friends, and trusted communities.  The Church is one of those trusted communities, and in the rite of confirmation we affirm that God is part of this process of adult-ing.  In confirmation, 9th graders are recognized as adult members of Kenilworth Union Church, and they confirm the vows made at their baptism.  They are reminded again that they belong to God, no matter where they are in life’s journey. Pray for this year’s 9th graders as they prepare their faith statements and prayerfully move towards their day of confirmation.

Reverend Katie Snipes Lancaster