Reflections on Wilderness

By Participants

  • This trip changed my view on faith for the better.  Faith was something I just didn’t have a full understanding of, but now I can live by my faith and go to God in times of need.  I feel now like I am closer to God.
  • The trip helped me appreciate the things I have at home as well as make new friends.  I learned how lucky we are to live in this day and age with running water, air-conditioning. I learned what it is like to live without technology and other everyday things. Before the trip, I was dependent on using my phone, and would check it constantly. Now, I am used to not having it, and don’t rely on the phone for everything. That is how this wilderness trip has affected me.wilderness
  • Life on the North Shore may be easier than the wilderness, but there are certain things in God’s kingdom that only the wilderness can provide.
  • There were hardships: mosquitoes that never seemed to stop biting, sun that was constantly beating down in the daytime, muddy portages, the 512 rod never ending portage, and a cold rainy night.
  • But nothing compared to setting up our hammocks or picking blueberries for delicious pies, beautiful sunsets, calm reflective waters, or peaceful campfires cooking.
  • This trip gave me a chance to see the world in a different way: nature totally preserved—the stars and the world the way God originally created it.  You hope the world can stay that way—preserved.  Seeing all this, I hope I can follow in God’s footsteps and teachings for the sake of the earth.  God created the world and every piece of nature, and we do have the ability to preserve some of this.
  • Out on the trail, God reminded me to keep going for the sake of the person next to me when carrying a canoe through a long portage, and to keep going when I got tired paddling.  I reached for the inner strength that God gives me.
  • I also realized how much fun it can be spending time with others who have similar beliefs.  God reminds me to always be a good person and follow in God’s ways.
  • The wilderness experience impacted my life and faith by allowing me to become aware of just how big and Great God’s world is for us.  Sitting around the campfire in the darkness with just the sun and moon for light made the world seem so big.
  • I can always go to God for help and pray to God in different ways. I learned about my faith because of the silence, which allowed me to connect to God. I experienced many ways of connecting with God.  Simple prayer, yes, but also connecting with God through the beauty of wilderness and nature.  It gave me a true understanding of what God envisioned when the earth was created, and with that, it strengthened my connection with God.
  • Having spent time talking about God, I now feel the presence of God wherever I go; in the wind and birds and water and much more.