KUC Blog: On a plane and in your own backyard

Dear friends,

In confirmation this week, we heard from Enuma Okoro, who says, “Once, I was convinced I had to get on a plane to serve God, when I could serve God just as faithfully by walking out my front door.”

Serving God at Kenilworth Union Church does, at times, involve boarding an airplane.  Our high school students will find out next Sunday exactly where their plane will land for the 2015 IMPACT Mission Trip.  Along with that, seventh and eight graders will be invited to board a plane in February over Presidents Day weekend for our revamped QUEST program for a three day mission trip (more news on this opportunity coming soon!)

And, Silvi Pirn just flew back from Haiti, where she brought a group of 10 adults from Kenilworth Union.  They swung hammers and nailed nails, but more importantly, they heard the stories of people from Three Angels, a Haitian orphanage that our church supports, and their hearts were changed.  If you want to hear more about the people they encountered, our Haiti mission travelers will be in the Culbertson room on November 23 after worship to tell their stories and to sell Christmas ornaments that employ women from Three Angels at a fair wage.

But service begins before and sometimes without plane rides, and continues at home.  It starts when you wake up in the morning, when you greet your family, when you walk out your front door.  It begins again when you return home after a service trip.  How might you live into the Kenilworth Union Church vision from Micah 6, engraved in stone on the covered walkway up to our sanctuary, that invites us to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God?

Here are some thoughts on this from your confirmation students.  They invite you to help people with simple tasks and giving to charity, participate in local service projects and helping your neighbor, caring for animals, sacrificing yourself for friends and strangers, and being kind, even to the people who are mean to you.

How might you live into God’s call on your life?  God’s invitation is clear, how will you respond?

Reverend Katie Snipes Lancaster
Associate Minister of Youth and Families