KUC Blog: Good Deeds Happen at Church but are they noticed?

LaurelDear Friends,

The care and keeping of our Kenilworth Union Church is a silent part of keeping our worship home a place for us to worship together, pray, cry, hope, and care for all. José Lara and Miguel Tellez care for us with grace.

When our children run for cookies after Sunday school, it is José and Miguel who set the table. They were our extra hands the last few months while the children fabricated the Bible Habitat. Whenever and whatever we need they are always there to assist us.

Many wonderful things happen at our Church with  the care of the always polite José and Miguel, they are meticulous with work efforts. They are kind, helpful, honest, hardworking, and considering our beautiful and well maintained surroundings; it is necessary to have José and Miguel caring for our Church and ourselves.

We appreciate and care for the people who gracefully take care of our church.

Laurel Lien
Associate Director of Children’s Ministry