IMPACT Junior Board

The IMPACT Junior Board connects youth who want to be involved in leadership of the IMPACT program at Kenilworth Union Church. The Board is made up of ten to twelve dedicated high school juniors and seniors or high school graduates under the age of 21 who reside locally and can commit to Junior Board participation. The Board will have one or two adult volunteer their time and creativity to promote and sustain the IMPACT program and its mission by encouraging local youth to live lives of love and hope and to serve God and neighbors with their individual gifts and talents. The Junior Board offers opportunities for volunteer service, leadership education, community outreach and promotion of the IMPACT program and its mission.

  • A full description of the board, its purpose and function can be found here

    Expectation of Individual Junior Board members:

    · Attend 4-5 Junior Board meetings during the year.

    · Promote the IMPACT program and its mission, activities and events through word-of-mouth and social media.

    · Attend and/or help lead IMPACT meetings and at least one underclassman Experience session.

    · Attend activities the Board plans

    · Recruit youth for service projects, special events, fundraisers and the mission trip program.

    · Attend church or public events or meetings as a representative for IMPACT, when needed

    · Contribute music recommendations to the IMPACT playlists.

    Time Requirement:

    Junior Board service requires a time commitment of approximately 10-15 hours during the school year. Members are encouraged to volunteer as much as they like over and above the requirement.

    Benefits for Junior Board members:

    · Hands-on experience in volunteer service, leadership, community outreach and program promotion.

    · Waiver of service hours requirement for the IMPACT mission trip program.

    · Waiver of fees for any IMPACT meetings, events or fundraisers in the event there is a cost to attend for other participants

    · Members in good standing receive $250 Scholarship toward mission trip program fees. Co-chairs qualify for $500. Those who qualify will be notified in early May and will receive a refund of fees paid or a waiver of fees due in an amount equal to the scholarship awarded.