Flavor of Life

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

God loves dirt. It is part of our theological heritage, part of our Christian tradition, part of the way we understand the world. One of our ancient creation stories puts a finer point on it: in the beginning, God breathed life into the dirt, animating human life. The Hebrew words for human (adam) and fertile land (adamah) even sound alike, giving us an ever-present connection between us and the ground beneath our feet.

In an Atlantic article on dirt, the author said that deep satisfying smell of dirt is what “Scientists call geosmin, this dirt smell that lends the earthy taste to beets and carrots. It’s the flavor of life.”

Do you have childhood memories that involve the earthy, life-giving smell of dirt? Did you play in your mother’s garden? Did you plant a tree with your father? Did you try to dig a hole to the other side of the planet?

This year’s Vacation Bible School (June 20–24) will focus on the physical connection we have to the earth, and the spiritual connection found at the heart of it all. We will play in the mud and dirt, have a growing room and maybe even visit with a few worms. It is the stuff childhood is made of, and I hope your family can join us.

Reverend Katie Snipes Lancaster