Confirmation Wilderness Course

Registration for Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area, Minnesota

The Wilderness Course is an intense experience in which confirmands complete a rigorous confirmation curriculum while engaged in a week-long canoe trek through the Boundary Waters wilderness area. This course is physically and spiritually challenging. Previous experience is not necessary, but the strength to carry a backpack that weighs 60–80 lbs and a willingness and desire to spend a week outdoors in the wilderness is.

Program Cost:  $1,285*

Cost includes airfare and transportation to and from the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area, all specialized equipment and canoe rentals, meals and tent lodging and trained wilderness guides.

*As with all Kenilworth Union Church youth ministry programs, cost should not be a barrier to participation. Scholarship support is available. Please email with your confidential inquiry.

Enrollment in a Kenilworth Union Church Confirmation Course requires a commitment to and beyond the Wilderness Trip.  Please consider the following before proceeding with registration.

Wilderness Trip:

Trip dates are July 28 – August 5, 2017:  Wilderness participants meet at church the evening of Friday, July 28 to check in and start their course. Their expected return time is early evening of Saturday, August 5.

Physical Challenge:   On the canoe trek, participants carry heavy loads across portages, spend many hours a day paddling canoes, sleep in tents, cook and eat outdoors, and have access to only primitive pit toilets all week.

Emotional Challenge:   The confirmands do not spend the week all together in a large group.  They are teamed with up to six confirmation peers, one Kenilworth Union confirmation instructor, and one adult wilderness guide. There are many factors that go into determining who will be placed on teams together. Siblings and relatives are not placed on the same team with each other and requests for specific teammates are not accepted.

Equipment:   All canoes, packs and technical equipment are included. Participants will be expected to have their own synthetic clothing suitable for camping and canoeing, as well as rain gear and secure shoes that can be wet (old sneakers are OK). A full packing list will be available by June 1.

Additional Confirmation Requirements

Wilderness participants are expected to complete additional requirements after their trip to be confirmed in April 2018.

Mentor Relationship:   Each confirmand will select a confirmation mentor before embarking on this course. The confirmation mentor should be an unrelated adult KUC member. The confirmand commits to meeting with the mentor several times before confirmation Sunday.

Worship Attendance:   Each confirmand will be required to attend worship twelve times during their confirmation year, prior to confirmation Sunday. They will need to prepare a brief written response for each worship service they attend.

Church Volunteer Service Hours:   Each confirmand will be required to perform three hours of service within or with the Kenilworth Union Church.

Faith Statement Meeting:   Confirmands prepare a faith statement during their course. They will be required to meet with Rev. Lancaster before Confirmation Sunday to discuss the faith statement and affirm their intent to be confirmed.

Confirmation Sunday is April 15, 2018:

Confirmation Sunday includes the rite of confirmation during the regularly-scheduled worship service, plus an additional celebration service in which each confirmand plays a role.