Children’s Day

Dear Friends,

Our KUC history records only go back so far, but, we have celebrated Children’s Day since at least 1929 (and presumably longer).  Children’s Day is our chance to recognize the ways that God is at work in the lives of our children, and to pray with and for them as they continue to grow in their faith.

Please join us this Sunday as the children lead us in worship.  In particular, I hope that your faith is deepened as you hear our third graders recite the scripture passages that they have memorized.  Regardless of age, we all minister to one another and I hope that our third graders and all the children of this church minister to you this Sunday.

Dr. Hodgson, our pastor from 1944-1970, spoke about Children’s Day saying, “In our church we teach children the things which the Bible tells us that Jesus taught and exemplified in his own life: to be lovers of truth, to have great faith in God, to live with courage and magnanimity, to see life through the eyes of God, to live with sympathy, in service, and with sportsmanship.”

While I do not often find myself using the word “magnanimity” in Children’s Ministry, I think Dr. Hodgson’s description tells the truth about what we are working towards as we celebrate on Children’s Day.  Without a doubt, we hope that our children’s faith expressed this weekend can help you have “great faith in God” and “see life through the eyes of God.”

In God’s Peace


Rev. Katie Snipes Lancaster
Associate Pastor for Children and Youth