2014 Graduating Seniors Blog

Youth Ministries needs you, and you’ve already said “yes.” When the youth of our church were babies presented for baptism, you promised to pray for them and teach them the stories of our faith. When they were brought before you on Confirmation Sunday, you promised to share in the hopes and labors of the church. You have already said “yes.”

Now you can fulfill a portion of those promises by joining us for Youth Sunday worship this weekend. Along with the Youth Sermonettes from the class of 2014, we will confirm a handful of ninth graders, and we will praise God by recognizing graduating senior leaders and commissioning the summer mission trip to All Saints Camp in Nassau, Bahamas.

In our files, I found a folder full of Youth Sunday Sermonettes dating back to 1992. Looking through that folder, I saw some familiar names. Maybe you wrote one of those sermonettes many moons ago, or sat proudly when your son or daughter spoke, or teared up when your peers spoke meaningfully about friendships, family and faith.

For at least twenty-two years, Kenilworth Union Church has handed the pulpit over to the graduating seniors once a year to give a Youth Sermonette. Now it is time to hear how God is at work in the class of 2014.   We are handing over the pulpit again, trusting that God might speak through these graduating seniors as they stand on the threshold of adulthood, welcoming the joys and challenges of life beyond high school.

Please come to support the youth of our church, and come to listen for God’s presence to settle in among us.

In God’s Peace, Katie

Rev. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Associate Pastor for Children and Youth