Youth Sunday

By The Reverend Dr. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Our lives unfold into mystery—behind every known is an equally baffling unknown.  This reality is no more present than when graduating seniors begin their final journey toward adulthood—launching into infinite futures, deciding college or career, near or far, traditional or non-traditional, family legacy or new adventure. This time of transition comes with anxieties and expectation, excitement and promise. It is fraught with the emotions of goodbyes and hellos, departures and arrivals, lasts and firsts. It is a time to fully rely on God, a time to dig deep into the spiritual practice of prayer, a time to rest in our God who has journeyed into more unknowns than we will ever know.

Kenilworth Union Church affirms that God stands with us in the midst of all this—the knowns and the unknowns—and for that reason, we ask our graduating seniors to speak a word of hope to us as they go, and we offer them a word of hope in response. Six courageous seniors:

Caroline Martin,
Meghan Minturn,
​Meredith Embree,
Olivia DeWitt,
Tommy Solberg,
​Caroline Ross,

will tell us the ways this church has been home to them as they have grown up and found faith in God. We will take a moment to honor the graduates who have served faithfully here in this place, and we will commission all 2017 IMPACT Belize Mission Trip participants as they depart to serve on June 11. Oh—and, as an added bonus, we invite you to walk or ride your bike to church this Sunday! We know that some of you do this all summer long, but Go Green Wilmette and some local clergy had this wild idea that we might honor God’s good green earth by powering ourselves to our sacred places this week.