The Rite of Confirmation

By Rev. Dr. Kathryn Snipes Lancaster

Join us this Sunday for the Rite of Confirmation. It is no small task—being Confirmed at Kenilworth Union Church. If you’re a numbers person, that’s 58 freshmen who went to around 700 classroom hours, 600 worship services, 200 service hours, and 200 hours with their mentors. And, even as these 58 are confirmed, a new set of incoming freshmen are beginning to arrive—registration for the summer Confirmation Wilderness Program begins now (and is highly recommended!).

And yet, the numbers say so little about the very heart of this process:

  • saying yes to the promises of God
  • saying yes to the God who loved us, even before we knew what love was
  • saying yes to the lifelong task of loving God and neighbor
  • saying yes to the joy of friendships at Kenilworth Union Church—friends, young, and old.

When these 58 confirmands were baptized, you equally said “yes” to them, and to God. You said you would love and nurture them. So, come, stand alongside them and worship with them, as they confirm their faith this Sunday, and as they officially join Kenilworth Union Church as adult members—with all the rights and privileges appertaining thereunto.