Life is good—but not always this simple, or is it?

Front: Ann, Cameron Dodd, Kathy Dodd
Back: Herb Jordan, Rhonda Jordan, Bronwen Schorle, Deb Book, Germaine, Silvi Pirn, Sourve, Simon McMaster, Felipe


Just as you’ll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, so you’ll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does. Go to work in the morning and stick to it until evening without watching the clock. You never know from moment to moment how your work will turn out in the end.  —Ecclesiastes 11:5–6

By Silvi Pirn

Our mission team served in Haiti this past week. We spent the week mostly painting, in fact.  We travelled thousands of miles to pick up paintbrushes and to paint the walls of the drab gray concrete block “Kenbe Fem,” the community center built at Three Angels Children’s Relief in Haiti almost two years ago. We also cut and lacquered pieces of wood that will be mounted as shelves in the new classrooms built at Three Angels school. On the surface, this seems simple and maybe even insignificant. It is not. As the week wears on and our shoulders begin to ache, and as we take the time to reflect on each day in the presence of God, we began to understand that each stroke of the paintbrush is, in fact, remarkable. And holy. It is God who turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Kenilworth Union Church has been sending teams to work with Three Angels, Haiti for several years and each team takes on a single or series of similarly simple tasks. We dig holes. We move rocks. We dismantle a one-room home. We sort jewelry. We paint a fence. We plant trees. We rake gravel.  It is easy to ask ourselves whether these simple things add up to much.  And whether our presence makes a difference. It does.

Our team and our project is but a minute contribution to a breathtaking whole, a beautiful, faithful, effective, and always-improving ministry that serves the poor and unprotected in Haiti.  Life in Haiti is unimaginably difficult for most who live there. Three Angels mission is to improve it for those it can reach.

Three Angels multifaceted effort cares for abandoned babies, providing a quality of care above and beyond what most could ever expect to receive. Three Angels educates over 300 students at its Christian primary school, which consistently ranks among the top schools in the capital.  It feeds each of its students every day and for many, this will be their only meal.  It provides basic healthcare for students and for others in the community through its Medical Clinic.  Three Angels employs many, otherwise nearly destitute, women to make beautiful jewelry for its Bijoux program and men on the farm to grow produce and manage egg production. Both help feed the children in its programs and provide income for those who can sell excess for a profit.  Everything Three Angels does is all to shed light into the darkness and to bring hope to the hopeless. Each effort made and dollar contributed goes toward this holy work.

Our funds helped build the community center that our team just painted and is a renewed source of pride and hope for the Three Angels community.  Even as the building undergoes more finishing touches, it is open to a host of programs and educational efforts to reach out and help even more people in a place where desperate need is never ending.

Like a beautiful flower or magnificent sunrise, Three Angels and those they serve in Haiti are a testament to the wonder and power of our Almighty God.  Not one of the people involved, dollars donated or projects executed could stand on its own as anything to behold, just as the soil, temperature, moisture, and conditions taken alone could dictate the beauty or bounty of the bloom.  But as each makes its miraculous minute contribution, the result is breathtaking beauty we can scarcely stand to behold.