Stewardship Sunday

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

This Sunday we launch the 2015–2016 Stewardship Campaign.  We hope you’ll join us at the Sunday service to hear why your support is so important to the work of the Church, along with a brief update on campaign plans.

Last year we were grateful for a generous step-up in giving—the first in a number of years and an important mark of the congregation’s renewed energy and enthusiasm.  Our goal for 2015–16 is to also increase the participation rate of giving, another critical measure of members’ commitment and the overall health of our Church.

We know you’ll agree that Kenilworth Union Church is blessed with a vibrant ministry under the leadership of our outstanding ministers—Bill Evertsberg, Jo Forrest, and Katie Snipes Lancaster.  Our Church continues to grow in impact and numbers.  Attendance is up across worship services, youth programs, and our broad range of education and outreach efforts.  Membership is increasing as we welcome new members, another sign of a thriving congregation.

We need your generous support to match the growing momentum in the work of our Church with the financial commitment needed to support its increasing impact. Knowing that giving is a very personal decision, all of us are likely to have our own unique reasons beyond our shared commitment to the vitality and ministry of the Church.

Whatever your reasons, we hope you will give generously, knowing that without your gifts, we couldn’t sustain the important ministry of our Church and the expanding efforts to engage our members and community around us.

We look forward to seeing you on Sunday!
Herb and Rhonda Jordan
Stewardship Campaign Co-Chairs