KUC Blog: Answering a Call To Serve Together

Haiti Mission Trip Team 2014

Answering a Call To Serve Together
By Herbert Jordan

Last week 10 Kenilworth Union Church mission team members, led by Silvi Pirn, travelled to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and undertook a mission project at the Three Angels School and Orphanage. Since the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, more than 60 Kenilworth Union members have travelled to this desperately poor country, helping deliver relief aid to tent camps, building school rooms, delivering books and supplies, and working on a small farm which is growing crops to feed hungry children and adults.

Our mission trip continued Kenilworth Union’s growing bond with Three Angels, which is a haven of hope for families in extremely difficult circumstances. Three Angels educates 300+ children, K–6, in a Christian faith-based setting. The school is known throughout Port-au-Prince for its academic excellence and high graduation rate.

Three Angels also is home to 13 babies in an orphanage staffed by full time Haitian nannies providing 24/7 loving care. At its newly opened Kembe Fem community center (Kembe Fem means “Stand Strong” in Creole), Three Angels trains approximately 20 women in jewelry making and crafts, which are sold to help the women earn a critical wage to support their families. A small farm property also operated by Three Angels grows crops to help make Three Angels nutritionally sustainable.

Our Church mission group — Silvi Pirn, Rosalyn Kemp, Lorraine Barba, Merrilee Redmond, Joan O’Neill, Rhonda Jordan, Herb Jordan, Stuart McCrary, Scott Bondurant, and Richard Sloan—melded into a team with both capability and impact. We deconstructed and moved a wood frame house (including a cement floor!) to create space at the school site for a much-needed new playground for the students, which will be built by a subsequent mission team.

Our project involved lots of sweat, hammering, lifting, even jackhammering (a first!), but most importantly it stimulated an immense commitment for the children and families supported by Three Angels. On the Sunday of our visit, we took a day of rest and worshipped at a nearby Haitian church, with the service conducted in French and Creole. Despite the language difference, we were all unified by a desire to worship our common God.

By the time we left Three Angels, Kenilworth Union Church mission trip members experienced a few sore muscles, and one or two blisters, but each of our hearts has been moved by our Haitian friends in Christ, and by a sense of coming together as a team and answering Jesus’s call to serve others in need.