Rummage Spotlight: Treasure Department

Rummage Sale Spotlight:
A Conversation with Treasure Department Manager,
Jacqueline Willrich

Question: How long have you worked in Treasures, and why do you enjoy it?
Answer: I have co-chaired Treasures for 3 years, this being my 4th year with Linda Padgitt and Tracy Goff. I like to deal with interesting things and as an artist like to arrange them so they will attract more “clients” and therefore bring more money to the church. I also have a general idea about the value of things and of what is “treasure, valuable, or simply a curiosity”.

Q: What makes Treasures unique for and attractive to KUC sale shoppers?
A: The Treasure KUC shopper is attracted to items that they may collect, or that they always wanted but could not afford outright. We carry a lot of china and glassware. A cute, trendy series of glasses can catch the eye. The same goes with the silver, and silver plate items.

Q: Can you summarize your philosophy about pricing and marketing the items you offer in the department?
A: If an item seems to be very valuable, we will submit it for auction at Deballage. In general, wearable designer and vintage items such as designer wear, go directly to another department. We price according to the quality of the item (no chips, etc.) and will often research the value online, if in doubt. We also consider what sold or what did not sell the  year before. Our philosophy is to price to sell, and when in doubt we check with one another about it. The price range can go from $1 for a small item to $175 or more for a complete china service or silver plate tea service on a tray.

Q: Is there a typical customer that the department appeals to?
A: There are occasional dealers as well as some people who are collectors of certain items, as well as Church members who just “like” the department and look for something new or for a gift.

Q:What particular kinds of donations do you wish you had more of to sell?
A: China (Wedgwood, Limoges, delft). Some glassware and silver items.

Q: Do you have a favorite sale day memory that sends your spirit soaring when you think about it and reminds you about how remarkable the KUC Rummage ritual can be for volunteers and customers alike?
A: Anytime someone purchases something of value during the Pre-Sale for price and a half, and walks away happy.