Rummage Spotlight: Toys

Rummage Sale Spotlight:
A Conversation with Toys Department Manager,
Richard Simonds

Question: How long have you worked in Rummage and Toys, and what has your experience entailed?
Answer: Chairing “Toys” is a new adventure for me. I have worked as a stevedore, helped with books and electronics but never with toys. My toy experience is limited to childhood, my children and playing with or reading to my grandchildren. Toys needed help so I volunteered for this year and hope my grandchildren will advise me.

Q:Can you give readers an idea of the price range for items in Toys?
A: Items for purchase in toys depend upon what contributors donate. Most items will be inexpensive ($.50-under $5). Any more valuable items like wooden Brio or electric train sets will be limited in number and priced higher, if available at all.

Q:What particular kinds of donations (i.e., brands or types) do you wish you had more of to sell and why?
A: Puzzles, board games, dolls and doll houses, Legos/Duplos,  Playmobil vehicles and sets, Fisher Price and Little Tikes toys, trucks, wooden blocks, children’s books, educational toys, metal or plastic action figures, etc. are sought after and sell well, and will be attractive to children and adults who are looking for themselves or for gifts to others.

Q:What makes Toys unique for and attractive to KUC sale shoppers?
A: Come to toys and find something that will amuse and entertain you, expand the brain of children you love, or occupy your time or their time with something besides watching TV. Reading to children is good for them and fun for you. Playing games or doing puzzles is stimulating and helps bonding.