Rummage Spotlight: Sporting Goods Department

Rummage Sale Spotlight:
A Conversation with Sporting Goods Department Manager,
Steve Hoffman

Question: How long have you chaired Sporting Goods and what keeps you coming back?
Answer: Ron Balsbaugh and I have chaired the Sporting Goods “DIVISION” since about 1947. We have a great time making money for benevolence with a great bunch of guys, and can’t believe KUC actually pays us to do this!!

Q: Can you summarize your philosophy about pricing and marketing the items you offer in the department?
A: We sell everything that is not nailed down,  make as much money as possible, and make our clientele think KUC is a great place to have fun so they come back with donations or spend a lot more $$$.

Q: What makes Sporting Goods unique for and attractive to KUC sale shoppers?
A: Incredibly talented and entertaining sales staff and there’s something here for all ages and demographics.

Q: Is there a typical customer that the department appeals to?
A: We have all types of customers but our favorites are those that come to outfit a whole team (baseball, hockey, etc.) so we can sell a bunch while giving the customer a good deal.

Q: What particular kinds of donations do you wish you had more of to sell and why?
A: We can always use more bikes, tricycles, etc. (in decent condition) as well as large children’s outdoor toys. We’re still waiting for someone to donate an actual, four-engine, working B-29 bomber which we could demo down Kenilworth Avenue, and could also make good money with some live camels donated.

Q: In the years you’ve been managing Sporting Goods, can you think of the most outstanding item that’s been donated and sold?
A: We sold, but never touched a rigid hull raft with trailer for $450 that was shown, bought and towed away from the owner’s house in town. Low overhead, high profit sale. We did try to sell the manse a few times but couldn’t get the title to clear.

Q: Can you give readers an idea of the price range for items in Sporting Goods?
A: Prices can range from $.05 at 3 pm to $5,000 at 7 am.

Q: Do you have a favorite sale day memory?
A: Several years ago, it rained all Friday night and Saturday morning until about 9 am, so we were virtually closed until then, and it took until 6 pm to drag all the drowned raccoons out of the manse basement. There are still 2 cow carcasses down there, but don’t spread that around.