Rummage Spotlight: Jewelry Department

necklaceRummage Sale Spotlight:
A Conversation with Jewelry Department Manager,
Laurel Flentye

Question: How did you come to manage this section of the Rummage Sale, and what brings you back each year?
Answer: Anne Sorock Segal and I have co-chaired the Jewelry Department since 2011. The department has changed over the last few years. Anne’s background in business, particularly her marketing skills, have influenced display and the process of selling. Eva Sorock has also greatly influenced our display efforts. How the jewelry is displayed certainly adds to its attractiveness. Those in the Jewelry Department spend significant time cleaning, mounting and presenting the items to their greatest advantage. I really enjoy working in the Jewelry Department for a number of reasons. I love jewelry, and it is a great group of people.

Q: What makes Jewelry unique?
A: Since we have a wide range of items and prices, shoppers usually find something to purchase. There are jewelry shoppers who return every year. There are certainly collectors who can identify the value of particular pieces. We also have jewelry boxes, sunglasses, make-up bags and headbands.

Q:Who shops your department and why?
A: There is a great variety in the people who purchase jewelry. Certainly, there are collectors who purchase the more expensive items. Yet, there is also diversity in the shoppers from young to older and also both men and women.

Q:What particular kinds of donations do you wish you had more of to sell and why?
A: In the past, men have asked for certain items. We usually have tie clips, men’s watches, etc. but not in great quantity. It would be nice to offer a bigger selection of men’s items. Also, we would appreciate the donation of more valuable items. It would be nice to offer more unique jewelry pieces, which gives a special quality to the department.

Q: What are the most outstanding items that have been donated and sold?
A: There have been several really interesting pieces of jewelry including a bracelet, necklace and pin. These pieces were either signed or well crafted. It is the craftsmanship and materials that make the item not only valuable but also collectible.

Q: Do you have a favorite sale day memory?
A: For me, it is really the people that I work with. We have established not only good teamwork but also enjoy each other’s company.