Rummage Spotlight: Decorative Accessories Department

Rummage Sale Spotlight:
A Conversation with Decorative Accessories Department  Managers,
Cammie Schumacher and Laima Francis

Question: How did you come to chair Decorative Accessories, and why do you enjoy the experience?

Cammie: After volunteering for a number of years in Puzzles and Games, with encouragement from Vicki Bosler more than 10 years ago, I moved to Decorative Accessories where I co-chaired with Vicki. In the last few years, Laima Francis and LaDona O’Donnell have also co-chaired with us. We have several other loyal volunteers who come back each year. We all look forward to and enjoy working together and helping raise money for KUC Outreach programs.

Q: What makes Decorative Accessories unique for and attractive to shoppers?

Cammie: Decorative Accessories sells all sorts of items including picture frames, pictures and posters, candles, non-Christmas holiday items, baskets, artificial flowers, vases, knickknacks, office supplies, greeting cards, notebooks, flags, fireplace equipment, bells, clocks and so on. Our Department ends up with many treasure-type items that sell for too little to take space in Treasures. We have something for almost everyone.

Q: Do you have a favorite sale day memory?
Laima: All days spent at KUC make my spirit soar because of the importance of the Rummage, positive energy, wonderful people around and the feeling of helping somebody.

Q: Is there a typical customer that the department appeals to?

Cammie: Our department appeals to almost everyone. Many shoppers who go to Treasures also come to Decorative Accessories. There are a number of shoppers who come back year after year.

Q: What particular kinds of donations do you wish you had more of to sell and why?

Cammie: So far we have been pleased with the diverse supply of items in our Department. We particularly welcome knickknacks and other unique decorative items.

Q: In the years you’ve been managing Decorative Accessories, can you think of the most outstanding item that’s been donated and sold?

Laima: Last year, somebody donated a huge box of rubber stamps, which we sold individually priced, thanks to all the ladies who had fun pricing them. There were many different size stamps, and all were new and in pristine condition. We also had two flower topiaries originally priced $135 each—that was very unusual.

Q: Can you summarize your philosophy about pricing and marketing the items you offer in the department?

Cammie: Our department would like to raise as much money as possible for our charities, while selling almost everything in our department. We try to price items to sell, and want our customers to feel they have found good deals. Our prices range from less than one dollar to as much as $25 or $30. However, most items are well under $10.