Music Retreat Review

play groundDear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

Before the Church choir kids get too swamped with their over-scheduled lives, they take a break; leave town; and head north to Green Lake, Wisconsin to participate in the annual Kenilworth Union Church Music Ministry retreat.  Children ages 7‒17 and parent chaperones join the Church music staff—Lisa, Kelli, Alyssa, David, and Barbara, along with the talented Vernon Clark, in a jam-packed weekend of singing, music, and fellowship. Much of the weekend is spent singing and rehearsing new songs, which will be offered for worship at Kenilworth Union sometime in the upcoming year. But the rest of the time is filled with what Lisa refers to as God-moments.

It’s the little things that aren’t planned or scheduled that make the retreat so special. on the dockTwelve seventh graders who all attend different schools play on the playground like old friends. High schoolers give piggyback rides to the youngest girls and even eat lunch with them. There’s braiding hair, the talent show, late night jaunts to the vending machine, the all you can eat buffet, running around, playing in the sand, long walks along a beautiful lake, camaraderie, s’mores, and of course, laughter.

What makes the retreat an event worth repeating (I should know, I’ve been a chaperone for four years) is that it nurtures the very things we value as Kenilworth Union members: trust, love, patience, acceptance, and faith. We are building a community of faith-followers one song at a time.

carolyn-armstrongCarolyn Armstrong
Choir parent and retreat chaperon