Let’s Get Ready to Stand Up for Our Faith!

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church:

Let’s get ready to stand up for our faith! Members of Kenilworth Union, join me in welcoming Vernon Clark and the Heirs of Joy for worship this Sunday, February 7, at the 9 and 10:30 a.m. services. Our gospel experts will be joined by Chancel Choir and KUC Youth Choir for a morning filled with pure joy and exuberance.

It is healthy for us to explore different ways of worshiping God. And while quiet, prayerful, and reflective worship is good for the soul, so is standing, clapping, and singing our thanks and praise for Jesus! Vernon has been challenging us to let go and worship outside of the mainline Protestant traditions for many years now. This Sunday, we will be offering contemporary gospel favorites such as He Will Take Care of You  and My Help Cometh from the Lord,  which features KUC Youth Choir Senior, Nancy Hillman as soloist. Chancel Choir will also be offering a spiritual, which is the root of Gospel music.

Be sure to attend this remarkable service, and arrive early. KUC Youth Choir will be starting with the prelude Lord, You Are Good, by  Israel Houghton. The Youth Choir started learning this music from Vernon back in September, at our sixteenth annual youth music retreat. On Sunday, we will sing our faith, and celebrate God’s glory. Invite your friends and neighbors to enjoy this improvisational style of worship. Wear light clothing and comfortable shoes as we will be working up a sweat. You will be up on your feet singing, dancing, and clapping. Yes, clapping is encouraged, but not on beats one and three.

Blessings, Lisa Bond
Kenilworth Union Church Director of Music