KUC Blog: Three Angels—An Island of Hope

by Herb Jordan

Board of Trustees, liaison to Three Angels Children’s Relief, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.


Three Angels is one of the agencies supported by the Kenilworth Union Outreach fund.  On behalf of the entire Three Angels community, I would like to say mesi anpil, a heartfelt Creole thank you for your support.

Haiti, a former French colony, is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.  Ironically, it is set in the midst of many beautiful Caribbean destinations. Ten million people reside there, many struggling for hope amidst hunger, crushing poverty, illiteracy, inadequate health care, widespread unemployment, and crippling food inflation due to dipping currency values.

But, Three Angels is an island of hope and faith in Christ and daily progress helping at-risk families to prevail.

Three Angels Children’s Relief includes:
•    a Christian faith-based school with 300 students kindergarten-grade 6,
•    an orphanage where currently 15 children have been rescued and found shelter and loving care while waiting to be placed,
•    a medical clinic serving nearly 200 community members weekly,
•    a small farm that grows fruits and vegetables,
•    a small arts enterprise where women create hand-crafted jewelry and Christmas ornaments, earning a small wage to help support their families

Three Angels is not just the recipient of Outreach support, it is a true partner with Kenilworth Union in creating hope for families living in dire circumstances.

Over the past 5 years, more than 40 Kenilworth Union members have stepped out of their “comfort zone” and travelled to Haiti to do service work. Forty of us have participated, unified in our desire to answer Jesus’s call to serve.

I just returned from an early 2016 trip to Port-au-Prince. I’m happy to report that the impact of Kenilworth Union’s support is very evident.

The school, Three Angels Christian Academy, is known throughout Port-au-Prince for academic excellence.

Every day begins with 300 students in their blue and white uniforms, queued up outside, as the flag raises, singing the Haitian National Anthem La Dessalenienne, and then reciting by heart Psalm 46, God is our Refuge and our Strength, an ever present help in danger, therefore we will not fear…

This is an exciting year.   Three Angels plans to build five new classrooms, in addition to the eight existing ones, improving the cramped quarters of the preschoolers.

The clinic recently expanded its hours of service to five days a week.

At the Angel House orphanage, three of the children, Richardson, Moise, and Nicodette, will go home with their “forever families” to the U.S. by the end of March.  Each adoption is an incredible victory—each one of the adopting families shows amazing grace, and proves to me God’s love has no boundaries or limits.  I am so humbled when I meet these families.

At the farm, Texas A&M soil specialists were recently on-site helping us improve dire soil conditions and raise crop production.  We are confident we will see results within a year—results that will land on the students’ lunch plates.

Kenilworth Union volunteers have brought their own energy and selfless work to Three Angels.  Over the years we have built a shade house on the farm to help grow new trees, we’ve helped demo a building to create play space for the students, we’ve built a soccer goal for the school kids and a new fence on the farm.  And, we have grown our friendships in Christ and learned the deep satisfaction of helping those in great need.  When you ride together in the back of a pick up thru the streets of Port-au-Prince, those personal bonds just grow deeper.  (Don’t worry there’s room to ride inside the truck if you like.)

If anyone would like to know more about Haiti or to learn about annual mission trips to Three Angels, please contact me or Silvi Pirn, our very talented youth leader and mission trip leader.  We try to assemble a group every November to do a service project at Three Angels.

Thank you again, on behalf of the missionaries and the staff and the nannies and the students and the teachers and everyone in Haiti who is impacted daily by Kenilworth Union’s generosity.  Please keep them all in your prayers.  Thank you very much.