KUC Blog: St. Leonard’s House

Molly Sawyer

From day one, service has been a part of Molly Sawyer’s life. While she grew up in Kenilworth Union Church, she learned to make service a regular part of her week. Now, as a young professional, she is in her second year serving as an Outreach liaison for St. Leonard’s House. She first worked with this agency as a high school student participating in Church programs, and was quick to fulfill the need to serve as an Outreach liaison when the opening was presented to her in 2014. “My experience with them last year was really moving and I felt really gratified to have the opportunity to do it again this year,” she said.

St. Leonard’s is a residential and educational resource equipping men and women recently released from prison to lead productive lives. It offers health screenings and business training as well as lessons in daily activities such as cooking or trades such as woodworking.

Molly works with her co-liaison, Patrick Gazley, to make connections between those served by St. Leonard’s House and those who wish to support them at Kenilworth Union Church.

“It’s been a part of my life day-to-day and is really a part of who I am,” she said. In addition to serving as a liaison, Molly has returned to volunteer with IMPACT students to hear the stories of St. Leonard’s residents and serve them dinner. “It’s been an amazing experience for me to see that from the sidelines and to work as a liaison and really dig in to the needs like financials and operations and what it takes to keep an organization like this going.”

She has also found great value in the annual training session for liaisons where she has learned more about the interest of Kenilworth Union members to give back, especially around the holidays. “These agencies are the perfect vehicles to offer those volunteer opportunities to our members. I would definitely recommend my experience for anybody.”

How does she balance the volunteer demands with her busy life? It’s all about balance, she said, and looking at her week and identifying how much of her week she can, or wishes to give, to either St. Leonard’s or other locations where she volunteers. She recommends that volunteers give their time or other donations to causes that are especially meaningful and important to them.

To learn more, contact Molly Sawyer.