KUC Blog: Family Promise, Where Families Can Serve Together

By Richard Day

What many don’t know is that about 85% of all the homelessness is temporary.  However, that time can be devastating, especially to a family.

Most shelters do not allow males and females to stay together.

Older male children are also not welcome.

Many shelters are considered not safe.

And homelessness can be devastating to younger children—they risk losing their friends, their school, their progress, and take on the stigma of homelessness.

Family Promise is committed to keeping families together and children in their schools. They partner with 26 North Shore Religious Congregations. Each congregation provides one week of safe and welcoming housing in their Congregation to 3 or 4 families at a time, all of whom are drug and alcohol free.

The volunteer host family provides a meal shared together, a time for adults to relax or meet with their hosts, a time for children to play or get help with homework, a safe and secure place for the family to stay together.  Each morning is “up and out early” to get back to their center in Evanston to begin their next day—whether work or job search, and school.

The other unique feature of Family Promise is that entire families are most welcome: your children to play with their children or help with homework, adults to provide a meal and share it with the guests. These opportunities are within 15 minutes of Kenilworth Union Church.

Hear from families who have participated in this brief video.

It is about people helping people in their time of need.