How can you help?

Dear Friends:

All fall, it looked like the Church’s annual Rummage Sale was going to die. Running Rummage had become such a big job no one felt they could take on its leadership.

But many people didn’t want to see it go. Rummage has been such a large part of the Church’s life. More than 200 people volunteer their time and talents for it every year. People appreciate the opportunity to donate items. Those who shop Rummage benefit greatly from the bargains. And most importantly, a quarter of the Church’s contributions to Outreach agencies come from the proceeds of Rummage.

As Jo Forrest so eloquently said from the pulpit, “Rummage is the way this Church—the people—become the body of Christ.… There are those who will receive t-shirts and books—people who need them—and there are those who will receive care from agencies. “  Without Rummage, the Church couldn’t provide as much help in a time of great need.

Fortunately, faced with the loss of Rummage, a sizeable group of people stepped up, concluding that somehow, by dividing up tasks and working together, we could make it work. A leadership committee of about 20 was formed. With such a large group, we offered to help coordinate and oversee this awesome team.

So Rummage 2016 is on; mark your calendar for July 16.

Now, we ask each member of the Church: what can you do? Maybe you can’t volunteer for a big role, but could you help a little? We will find a spot that will fit what you can do. (Just email Gina Gooden.) Even if you can’t work Rummage, do start going through your closets and basements now and setting aside good things for the sale.

As Jo said, the spirit that kept Rummage alive “sprang not from the desire to sort through mountains of trash bags, but to care for the other members of the body of Christ who are in need.”

Won’t you join us in making it thrive?

On behalf of the Rummage Leadership Committee,
Hope Poor, Katie Nahrwold, and Cris Guthrie