High Ethical Conduct

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

For many in business the slate is wiped clean on December 31, whether you were a star or fizzled, the score is reset to zero.  Regardless of the outlook for this coming year, the opportunity to lead with integrity and hold fast to your ethics is always possible.  These are the types of topics we engage in our Faith & Leadership series.

We are delighted our January session will feature Thomas Tropp, VP of Corporate Ethics and Sustainability, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Tom is a noted speaker for his wisdom and experience in leading organizations and setting the standards for high ethical conduct.  He is also one of my personal heroes and has been a treasured friend since I met him at University of Chicago Divinity School.

Join Faith & Leadership in the second year of this unique speaker series. Hear from leading Chicago area executives as they address the challenges of upholding a Christian life in a fast paced, competitive work environment.

All are welcome to attend. There is no admission fee or reservation needed.

Kind regards,
Jo Forrest