God at work in your life

Dear Friends:

In a sermon, Walter Brueggemann said, “God is the map whereby we locate the setting of our life, that God is the water in which we launch our life raft, that God is the real thing from which and toward which we receive our being and identify ourselves. It follows that the kind of God at work in your life will determine the shape and quality and risk at the center of your existence. It matters who God is.”

These summer months at Kenilworth Union Church are shaped by seeing God in scripture and action, nature and community.  The month of June began with Children’s Day, revealing God through the good work of third graders reciting scripture and receiving their first bibles.  As school ended, we watched for God through the hands and feet of high school students traveling to Nassau for our IMPACT Mission Trip.  Then, our children explored God’s presence in nature during Vacation Bible School, imagining how even the stars and the moon, the trees and birds, the puppies and kitties sing songs of praise to God.

Now, July is here and Kenilworth Union is host to the rummage sale. During rummage, we watch for God in holy work of recycling, a way of caring for God’s creation.  We find God in the face of old and new friends who help to sort and organize donations.  We find God in the hope that the rummage proceeds ultimately care for the people of God – supporting our outreach agencies.

WGN joined us this week in celebrating the work of rummage.  On Monday, WGN sent a team to interview rummage workers, particularly those from the Christmas Department who have been serving for as many as 40 years.  We hope you will tune in to the broadcast on Monday July 14 during the 9 pm newscast.

In God’s Peace,

Rev. Katie Snipes Lancaster
Associate Minister for Children and Youth