KUC Blog: Give Thanks by Serving as a Kenilworth Union Church Liaison

Give Thanks by Serving as a Kenilworth Union Church Liaison
by Susan Resko, Outreach Committee Co-Chair

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve as a liaison to our Outreach Agencies. The Outreach Committee is currently seeking 16 new liaisons to join an experienced partner in order to steward our Outreach Agencies. I urge you to prayerfully consider this rewarding and fulfilling mission.

Kenilworth Union Church has a rich history of providing grants to dozens of Chicago area agencies that provide emergency, health, education, childcare, and community services to our community members in need. Funds are raised by dedicated volunteers serving Rummage, the Outreach Benefit and through tithing of our Church pledges. Kenilworth Union liaisons are a critical link between the Church and a particular agency. Each liaison maintains a relationship that ensures we are aware and informed of each agency’s activities, leadership, financial condition, and volunteer opportunities.

The importance of the Liaison function cannot be overstated. We prefer that each Agency have two KUC liaisons to receive a grant. While the stewardship a Liaison provides is critical, the time commitment is easy! We ask for the following minimum commitment:

  • Serve a minimum of three years;
  • Attend a brief training session in January;
  • Visit the agency at least once annually;
  • Represent the agency at an Outreach Committee meeting each spring;
  • Act as an advocate for the Agency AND good stewards for church funds;
  • Help identify a replacement upon your “retirement” from representation.

To learn more about our agencies, click here. We are seeking new liaisons for those agencies with only one liaison listed. If you are interested, please contact Kathy McCabe.

Thanksgiving is a special time to spend with family, give gifts, and be thankful for all the ways that we are blessed. At Kenilworth Union, we count our liaisons as one of the ways that we are blessed. Thank you for your consideration to help the Church fulfill its mission to those in need.