Get Ready For More Change

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

jo-gold-and-blueThe apostle Paul could be a really grouchy guy. (But, then again, the people in the early church had a difficult time getting along and did not accept change easily.) In our weekly, Bible read-along of First Corinthians, we just finished the chapters in which he called them to task, wagging his finger at them. After the scolding, Paul crafted eloquent theology to remind the Corinthians to honor differing socio-economic classes, ethnicities, and professions and the various gifts each person offered. As well, by receiving the Holy Spirit in baptism, they are united as “the body of Christ and parts of each other.” (1 Cor. 12:12) Their diversity and willingness to adapt made them stronger, individually and as a whole, the church.

We get to experience all this on Sunday. We will joyfully baptize into the body of the Church children from four families. Four little ones! We will accept new members into the fellowship of this congregation; families who are delighted to profess their faith and commit themselves to the mission and ministry of this Church.

Come and see. These are your neighbors and friends. Either you already know them and call them friends, or you will meet them, realize they are your neighbors and they will become your friends. They will strengthen and change us, and draw us closer to what God intends for this corner of God’s world. It will be a great day in the life of Kenilworth Union Church—come and be a part of this growth.

See you Sunday…Jo
P.S.…If you are curious about the breadth and dynamic work of your Church, look over the recent Annual Report. It was a year of change and growth—Thanks be to God.