Family Faithshare Blog

Children naturally play in the stories of scripture.  A friend of mine said that this spring she was outside near a bush with berries on it when her four year old son said, “I know the difference!”  “Hmmm…?” mom replied.  “I know the difference between good and evil!” he told her with a little grin on his face.  “Oh ya?” mom said with more curiosity.  “I pretend eated a berry from the bush and now I am like God! The snake told me to.”


Children naturally play in the stories of scripture, exploring the boundaries of the ancient narratives.  As adults, we might not feel as equipped to play in these stories, pretending to eat berries off bushes to reenact the story of Adam and Eve.  That is why we publish “KUC Faith Share” each week.  In the KUC Faith Share, our Children’s Chapel pastor, Rev. Cat, illuminates the weekly scripture story told in chapel through the lens of academic research to engage parents and adults in the week’s Chapel story.  May it become your theological sandbox, a place to play in the broad story of God.



Rev. Katie Snipes Lancaster

Associate Pastor for Children and Youth