DysFUNctional Family Vacations

You can feel it, too? Summer is beginning to end. The farther we get into the month of August, the more the summer sun loses its hold on us. I can tell summer is ending because shoppers ravaged the back-to-school aisle, parents have posted “first day of school” photos and NFL preseason games are almost over. Maybe some of you will try to keep summer around by taking a last minute vacation over Labor Day weekend, unwinding one last time before autumn ushers you into that rat race that is called the school year. Maybe some of you will take a trip to your favorite college campus, delivering your now-young-adult children off for the semester. As a snowbird, maybe you will start planning your escape south, anticipating the return of winter to this currently quite muggy North Shore.

At Kenilworth Union Church, we will hold onto summer one last week with our final sermon on Dysfunctional Family Vacations. We have been on quite a journey with Jacob, Joseph, and Moses’ families, meeting them in all their dysfunction and finding God at the center — reconciling, forgiving, pursuing, and surprising us. Join us this Sunday to hear why Moses runs away from home, and why he ultimately returns.

Your sister in Christ,
Associate Minister for Youth and Children