College Reunion—Relationships That Matter

KatieDear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

More than once, a couple told me their joining-the-church story: we were trying to find a church, they said, and when we stopped in at Kenilworth Union Church, a group of adults were sitting in the library, planning a college brunch, and we thought “this is the Church for us.”

The couple, at that time, did not have any children, but they thought that if this was the kind of church that college students wanted to come back to in those precious few days between semesters—when seeing high school friends to tell tales of university, and visiting with family became the highest priority—then it was exactly the kind of place they wanted to worship God.  It was a sign that important relationships are developed here, relationships that matter, relationships that help people endure the chaos of everyday life.

So, we will gather again for a college reunion, this time a lunch at Blaze Pizza in Old Orchard on Tuesday, December 22 at noon.  But, the lunch is not quite the point, is it?  Yes, I tell you this story to cajole you to tell every Kenilworth Union college student about it, so that they might join us for lunch, but I also tell you because in hope.

My hope is that you reach out to the young adults who are home this Christmas season. Psalm 89 says make God’s faithfulness known throughout all generations. Your relationship with the young adults of this Church is so important to that work of sharing God’s love.  For those of you who have been confirmation mentors, even if it was five years ago, this is an incredible time to reach out to those now-college-students who hopefully will be home this month.  For those of you who aren’t “formally” a mentor, but who know a college student or two, reach out to them and ask how their last few months have been.  Mentoring relationships are key to lifelong faith, and I’m guessing that each one of you has a mentor of your own who helped you understand your relationship with God in new light.  Share your life and faith story with the young adults in your midst; it can and will make a difference.

Reverend Katie Snipes Lancaster