Dear Friends,

Change.  It is the only constant.  Summer days now shorten.  Snowbirds buy plane tickets south.  College students nest in new dorm rooms.  High schools open their doors.  Five-year-olds perch on their front step, waiting for mom to take a photo before their first day of kindergarten.  Change is constant in our lives.

Change.  It is the only constant in the book of Acts, too.  We pick up this week with the book of Acts with chapter 10, continuing the story of our Ancient Modern Family,

As we continue the story of our Ancient Modern Family, we dive into chapter ten of Acts, when Peter meets Cornelius.  What will happen when God opens Peter up to new ways of seeing and knowing?  Will he remain calm when he hears that God is inviting new people to the table?

Come hear about Peter—bewildered and brooding over what all this change might mean.

I look forward to seeing you at 8 or 10 a.m. worship,
Katie Snipes Lancaster, Associate Minister of Children and Youth