but God…

Dear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,

Now that we have tucked away all the decorations and reminders of the incarnation and epiphany— those extraordinary ways God broke into our lives— we can return to the ordinary.  But, God does not neglect us.  Underlying the Monday through Friday routine, God is present.  That is the whole point of those religious observances, reminders of God’s love for our human, earthly, everyday lives.

Honestly, we have difficulty perceiving God cares about the commute or the staff meetings or helping with homework, but God does.   How we live day-to-day and week-to-week is the most important part of our living in God’s world, not just Sunday morning worship.

We would rather not have God eavesdrop on those snarky thoughts that cross our minds (even if they do not slip through our lips), but God knows…and God forgives, knowing our egos and frustrations.

Or, just when we plan to do something new and fear begins to paralyze us, but God somehow reminds us we are wonderfully made and we hear “don’t be afraid” through someone we trust.

Notice I mentioned “but God” several times?  I’m not original; it is throughout scripture: “Blah blah blah tradition or Pharoh, or Priests, or Pharisees were about to…, BUT GOD was present and changed life to ensure life.”  One of my minister friends has a pink tee shirt with “but God” written across the front in sequins.  I like it.

It seems as though just when we think we have life all nailed down, or feel like it is nailing us down, and know what to expect, God comes along and surprises us.  So go about your normal routine, but God is with you, so don’t be surprised by grace.

Blessings to you, Jo