Blog Spot: Congregational Care

Simon McMasterDear Friends of Kenilworth Union Church,
Our church congregation is diverse and dynamic. There are those of us who are, who have been or who will be in need…but those needs are wonderfully counter-balanced by those of us who want to serve. Congregational Care is the place where we all come together to be nourished by God’s love.

Congregational Care is the place where our unique gifts are used to help those who need it most. We knit blankets and shawls for those in recovery from serious illness or major surgery; we prepare, cook and deliver meals to those who are unable to leave their homes; we pray for those who are suffering in so many ways; we provide compassionate support through our amazing Stephen Ministry program; we provide access to counseling services for those suffering with grief, depression and other silent illnesses; we can provide guidance for those who are in the midst of searching for a new job and we pay close attention to providing care to the care-givers — the heroes who help those close to them recover from whatever they are dealing with.

And all of it is done with the utmost attention to confidentiality and the knowledge that by doing all this we are sharing God’s loving and healing spirit.

Contacting Jo Forrest, minister for congregation care, review the website if you are curious about serving or would like to notify us of someone who may appreciate the congregation’s care.

Simon McMaster
Kenilworth Union Church Chair of Congregational Care