About KUC : Library

The library has a broad collection of books, references, and audio-visual materials that support and reflect the mission of the church.  The collection contains a wide range of topics for adults, children and teens and is arranged in alphabetical order by subject with headings clearly marked on the shelves.

The library is located on the first floor, directly across from the main entrance reception area. You are welcome to use the library whenever the church is open; however, the room is sometimes used for meetings and for the Rummage Sale for a week in July, at which times the collection is not accessible.

The library operates on an easy check-out honor system. Please do not remove resources from the library without first checking them out! Books should be returned in a timely manner (recommended time is 3 weeks for books and 1 week for videos), so that everyone can have the benefit of these resources. Fines are not charged, but a reminder card will be sent to you.

Recently Added Books