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A Christian nondenominational community church where we come together to worship, find spiritual inspiration and guidance, and go out in service of others.

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Programs for Youth and Children

Doves Sunday School Class

(Jr. Kindergarten and Kindergarten)


We come together in prayer


Mission Trips for Adults and Young Adults

The IMPACT High School Mission Trip to Guatemala


Opportunities for Families to Volunteer together

Rebuilding Together
This agency organizes a chance to help someone in need by giving them a helping hand.

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Compassionate Outreach and Service to those in need

2015 Community Ties Benefit

Friday, April 17


Divine Worship and the Earthly Sanctuary

And have them make Me a sanctuary, so that I may dwell among them.  —Exodus 25:8


We Come Together On A Glorious Day

Worship with Sermons that will make you Respond

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Summer Sermon Series

Akin to the TV series Modern Family, our ancient church family is comprised of eccentrics, kooks, misfits, and people just like those of us at Kenilworth Union. In this sermon series, we will place ourselves in the story, feel the unifying — and demanding — tug of the Holy Spirit, experience baptism, and understand how these unrelated people became the church and how the church continues in our time.

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Theophilus’ Legacy

This Sunday we will consider Theophilus’ legacy and how he inspired this church into becoming what God—and we—need in this corner of the world.

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A Sending Blessing

Reverend Catherine Knott was dedicated to the work of "translating" the biblical stories, not only to children but also to their parents.

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The Blessings of the Boundary Waters

As we enter the wilderness, living with the essentials and little more, pray that we might learn that all we really need is to be safe, fed, clothed, sheltered, and challenged.

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Prayers of the People—July 26, 2015

God, in this season of summer, we ask for those embarking upon transitions to feel your grounding and presence. We pray for those taking leave of family, those traveling far and wide, those preparing for college, and those facing empty places.

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Wednesday Morning Read Along

Wednesdays, July 29 through September 2 Are you willing to try something new with us?

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bible study

Women’s Bible Study

WOMEN'S BIBLE STUDY Register now for fall session which starts on Wednesday, September 9 at 12:45 p.m. in the Malott Chapel.

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The 2015–16 Kenilworth Union Church Directory

Please Confirm or Update your directory contact information by August 4.

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Faith and Family Day at Northwestern

Faith and Family day in conjunction with the Northwestern vs. Stanford football game on Saturday, September 5 at 11 a.m.

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Women’s Connections

Tuesday, August 11 from 6 ‒ 8 p.m. Please RSVP.

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Noyes backyard beach party

End of Summer Clambake

Saturday, August 29 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Noyes home in Wilmette A genuine clambake, catered by George Jewell with craft cocktails by Wansas Tequila will be cooked & served on their private beach. If desired, please bring your own blanket, beach toys, and preferred beverage.

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