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A Christian nondenominational community church where we come together to worship, find spiritual inspiration and guidance, and go out in service of others.    Interested in becoming a member?


Inspiring Music and Worship Services

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Programs for Youth and Children

Vacation Bible School
Exploring God & nature though imagination and wonder for a 5-day Digging Into Rooted Things themed week, spirited activities and faith-filled worship will be centered around D.I.R.T. and how “God digs dirt.” June 20–24  Pictures



Mission Trips for Adults and Young Adults

The IMPACT High School Mission Trip to Jamaica
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Opportunities for Families to Volunteer together

Rebuilding Together was a complete success again this year, in spite of some weather issues.  There were 31 volunteers ranging in age from teenagers to seasoned adults.  On Saturday, May 7, we completed five different projects for Orchard Village, a home for developmentally challenged adults.


Compassionate Outreach and Service to those in need

July 6 Silent Auction Winner, Vivian Vahlberg,
won American Dolls for her granddaughter and supported Kenilworth Union Chuch Outreach!


We Come Together On A Glorious Day

Worship with Sermons that will make you Respond

News & Announcements



Confirmation Wilderness Trip: A Sending Prayer

We go into the wilderness for Confirmation because God writes the Gospel, not in the Bible alone, but on the trees and flowers and clouds and stars. The writer of Psalm 8 must have experienced something similar, for the Psalmist writes, “When I look at the heavens, the works of your fingers, the moon and the stars that you have established... O Lord, our God, how majestic is your name in all the earth!”

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Prayers of the People—July 24

We give you thanks for sharing your very self with us in Jesus born of Mary, God of God, Light of Light, Very God of very God. We promise to try to become reflections and refractions of that brilliance which can drive all dark away if we will only let it and live it.

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Prayers of the People—July 17

We are grateful for the transition of power in Great Britain. Let us not take for granted the peaceful means by which a new leader emerged. We pray for our own country as we proceed in national elections that voices of unity and a desire to serve the common wealth will prevail.

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Prayers of the People—July 10

Ultimately guns killed these men, we realize, dear God, but they were loaded with hate and fear. This same hate and fear responsible for the bombing of mosques, burning of churches, and killings in churches. Irrational fear and hatred have become the beast that divides us from one another.

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Carrie Hughes

Spotlight on Rummage:
Bargains High and Low in Women’s Clothing

Department managers talk about the bargains in the Women's Department and the French Room. Something for everyone, both amazing designer clothes and tables and tables of outfit combinations.

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Prayers of the People—July 3

Gracious God, you have blessed us with freedom. On this weekend, celebrating the birth of our country, we give thanks for the men and women who risked everything; wealth, security, children, honor, and their very lives. May their courage and vision inspire in us such commitments to our common good that we too will give what we have to make this country more just, a home for all to flourish, and a nation that respects and protects the lives of all who dwell.

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Youth Pokémon GO Night Safari

Night time is the BEST time to catch 'em. Newbies or experienced players, Valor, Instinct or Mystic, all youth 13 and older are invited to join youth leaders on a Pokémon GO Safari on Wednesday, August 17 from 9:30 p.m. to midnight.

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Prayers for Wilderness Confirmation Students

Katie Lancaster, Silvi Pirn and our youth depart on July 30 for one week to experience the depth and beauty of God’s creation while in the Boundary Water area. In the wilderness, they will confirm their faith in God, and explore what it means to be a Christian. To receive a daily prayer for our youth by email during the course of the trip, please send a blank email to prayers.

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2016 Kenilworth Union Church Clambake

Join us for adult fellowship on Saturday, September 17 at the home of Nick and Susan Noyes on beautiful Lake Michigan. A genuine clambake, catered by George Jewell with craft cocktails by Wansas Tequila, will be served on a private beach. If desired, please bring your own blanket, beach toys, and preferred beverage. Reserve your ticket for $100 per person to help us pursue our Church Outreach goal.

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2016 Israel Trip
October 27–November 7

Join Bill and Kathy Evertsberg and members of Glencoe Union and Kenilworth Union churches on a trip to the Holy Land in Israel this fall from October 27 to November 7. Learn more about the itinerary and travel plans with our travel guide Dr. Steven Notley.

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Care Guild 2016–2017 Sign Up

Consider participating in Care Guild, a vibrant and important ministry! Deadline is July 29

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August First Wednesday

Please join us on Wednesday, August 3 at noon for A Summer Voice Recital with Lisa Griffith, Mezzo-Soprano and Natasha Mah on piano. Please RSVP to Sallie Smith.

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